The goal of the SUMC Cuba Missions Committee is to support our sister churches, their missions, and their congregations through prayer, communication, caravan trips, and financial support. 

Here are 5 ways you can help support the SUMC Cuba Mission, which supports two sister churches and four missions in Holguin:

  1. Pray for the people of Cuba!  Give them the spiritual support they desperately need.  Pray for their health, pray for their daily struggles, pray that they will have enough food to feed their families today.  And most of all, pray for the leadership of our two countries so that conditions can improve.
  2. Provide supplies when we get ready for mission trips.  When we travel to Cuba, each traveler usually has one suitcase for their personal belongings, then another 4-5 suitcases full of supplies.  These supplies consist primarily of over-the-counter medications, vitamins, shoes, clothes, underwear, sunglasses, reading glasses, musical instruments and sporting equipment. 
  3. Provide financial support.  We have two fundraisers each year:   Aldersgate Sunday in May and our Cuba Dinner at the end of September.  Of course, we will take monetary donations throughout the year.  It’s as easy as writing a check to Suntree and putting “Cuba Missions” in the memo line.  Please know that every penny that is donated goes directly to Cuba.  The mission travelers pay for their own travel and accommodations.
  4. Come to a Cuba Mission Committee meeting! We know that not everyone is able to go on mission trips, but we need lots of support in other areas of our committee.  We meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7pm in Room 108.  You are always welcome! 
  5. Join the Methodists United in Prayer–Atlantic Central District Facebook page Here to stay in touch with what is going on.