e-letter 04/26/19

This past Sunday marked my first Easter at Suntree, and wow was I blown away! It was a day filled with joy and excitement as the Church gathered to celebrate the risen Christ. Personally, there was extra excitement in my house because my wife and I were able to celebrate my daughter’s first Easter (she’s 8 months old). But if you were anything like me, later in the day you started to finally wind down. All the eggs had been hunted, all the food was eaten, all the good-byes had been said. I felt myself thinking “now what?”. We had just had this incredible celebration in honor of the resurrected Christ, but that is all said and done…now what?
Now the work begins. Just as Jesus was raised for the grave, we are too! We are a resurrected people, an Easter people. So now that Easter Sunday is over, we enter the Easter season. Did you know Easter is a season? Just like “Season of Lent”, which we just finished, we are now in the “Easter Season”. This season starts Easter Sunday, and goes all the way until Pentecost, 50 days later. That’s right, the Easter Season is 50 days! 
As a part of this Easter Season, we are starting a new sermon series this Sunday: Jesus Is. The idea behind this series is that we all identify differently with who “Jesus is” based on our faith journey or life experiences. As a part of this series we will be discussing some of the characteristics and attributes of Jesus. Each week we will be diving into a different gospel as we discover what scripture has to say about who Jesus is. This Sunday, Pastor Augie Allen and I will discuss Jesus as Messiah. We will get to unpack what “Messiah” really means, and how it is more than just a title for Jesus.
Speaking of Diving Deeper! I would highly encourage all of you to come to the “Diving Deeper” study that happens every Wednesday at 6:30pm in the Dining Room during this sermon series. This study is unique because you will be able to get to see some of the “behind the scenes” of how these sermons are coming together. During these studies we take a deep dive into scripture and go over the little nuances and background that might not get discussed on a Sunday morning. This is a time to ask questions and work through some of the more difficult concepts of scripture together!
This series invites us to discover who Jesus is, not only in a scriptural or historical sense, but in a personal sense. Who is this resurrected Jesus to you? How does this affect the way you live your everyday life? How are you changed because of this? Now that we are post-Easter Sunday, these are important question to ask! Keep these questions in mind as we continue to dive into to this sermon series and discover who “Jesus Is”.  
See you in worship!
Mike Mayes
Director of Worship Arts