e-letter 12/28/18

Merry Christmas! It feels a little funny reading that, doesn’t it? If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably begun to pack away the gifts and the wrapping paper, tossing or freezing any leftover Christmas goodies, sending visiting family members on their way, and resetting your life after we made room for all of the Christmas spirit.
A post by one of my favorite Christian authors, Jen Hatmaker, said, “It was so.much.work and now it is over and the bright light of it all feels a little dim… You’ve been shopping, planning, wrapping, decorating, cooking, cleaning, hosting, traveling, and managing for weeks and now you’re low key mad at everyone and wish they would move out for 5-10 days. Normal.” Jen articulates a feeling that arrived and felt sharper for me this year amongst the many worship services, family visits, and party obligations. This post-Christmas reality feels a little… deflated. Now that all of that is over, what is next?!
The church calendar is faithful to us by providing just a little bit of breathing room, called the 12 Days of Christmas! (Yes, they come after Christmas!) From December 25th through January 6th each year, we can bask in the light of the Christ child come to be among us. This means, the next two Sundays are still Christmas in the church! We can remember again and again that Jesus has come to be with us and in our mess. We can delight in the joy and the warmth of Christmas. We can lean into the wonder of the season, and let it change our hearts for good as we welcome Christ in our lives. This week in worship we will do just that, concluding our “It’s a Wonderful Life series.”
As a part of these 12 Days of Christmas, I present to you a Christmas card from our Suntree staff! We are so grateful for all of the ways that you support this church and our ministry together, and thank you for making Suntree Church such a wonderful place.
Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year from all of us!
Pastor Allee