e-letter 4/6/18

I like to laugh.  And I laugh a lot.  I laugh at songs on the radio, the movies, TV shows, my friends (you should hang out with Willie, Rob and Augie!!) and oftentimes I laugh at myself.  I sometimes even laugh at (or with?) myself when I’m all alone in my truck driving around.  I do or say some dumb thing and it cracks me up even though no one else is around.  
One of the things that makes me laugh is Memes.  Memes are funny, made up pictures or cartoons or videos accompanied by a text and they usually poke fun at some sort of currently popular, social event.  People send me memes and I reciprocate.  There was a meme floating around last week about Jesus and Theology (I use the term “theology” loosely, here!).  Basically, it said that if you find a dime on the ground (I don’t even save pennies anymore) to pick it up because it meant that someone in heaven is thinking of you and that you’re doing the right thing in life!  How wonderful is that?!  
When I read it, I started to laugh.  But then I realized that whoever posted this was probably being more serious than funny.  Sometimes we do things like that to make us feel better.  My laughter turned to sorrow – it made me sad.  It’s a cute idea, but the Christian life, and Jesus’ invitation to “follow him” means, I think, so much more!    
This week in church, we are doing a “one – week series” entitled “The Story Continues.”  We will be looking at a post-resurrection story found in John’s gospel, chapter 21, verses 9-19 where Jesus meets up with Simon Peter.  They have a very interesting exchange.  And we will take that exchange a little deeper in the hope of inspiring us all to “Follow Jesus” like never before!
OH!!  And our incredible “Fun ‘N The Sun” Dinner/Auction/5K Run is NEXT WEEK!!  Please, oh please, consider joining us for an “over-flowing” plate full of a Carrabbas’ dinner, fun and entertainment, and both silent and live auction bidding.  You’ll have a great time and help support our youth ministry AND help send kids and adults into the mission field this summer!  In advance, I we say … THANK YOU!!
See You Sunday,
Joel Lusz
Youth Pastor