e-letter 5/18/19

The first meeting of people that would become Suntree United Methodist Church was held in the Cabana Room of the Suntree Country Club in January of 1983 with 40 people present. I wonder what it was like to gather with Rev. Kenneth Dunn at that first meeting. I’m assuming it went extremely well as they met with the District Superintendent Jimmy Crook soon afterwards to tell him they were ready to start a church and that same group started worshipping as a church the very next week. I know the Spirit was at work in those first couple of gatherings!

The new church began to meet in an old portable class room at the Brevard Wildlife Center on the property that is now McDonald’s. The Sunday School actually met in the Ranger’s Office—which would be a pretty neat location for a Sunday School! In April of 1983, Bishop Earl Hunt appointed Dr. Glenn Quam as founding pastor and on Sunday, May 1, 1983, Suntree United Methodist Church was officially chartered with 74 members.

The rest is history. Since then, thousands of people have found hope and healing in Jesus Christ at Suntree UMC. Since then, thousands of young people have come through our children’s and youth ministries. Since then, countless families have been positively affected by our amazing preschool. Since then, we have met people where they are through Divorce Recovery, AA, Grief Support Group, and Cancer Support Group. Since then, people have grown through our Journey Discipleship Classes, Oasis Women Classes, Disciple Bible Study, and Financial Peace University. Since then, we have loved our neighbors in Extraordinary Ways as we have served at Daily Bread and Harbor City Elementary School. Since then, we have served alongside and started new sister churches in Cuba.

The Holy Spirit has been alive and well at Suntree United Methodist Church for 35 years. (And I’ll let you in on a secret…The Holy Spirit isn’t done with us yet!) This Sunday in worship we will celebrate the way God has worked through Suntree UMC over the last 35 years. We will also celebrate Confirmation in The Gathering with students being baptized and putting their trust in Jesus. We will celebrate all that God is doing in Cuba, and the ways we have supported and loved them. We will also celebrate Pentecost, so before coming to worship, take some time to read Acts 2:1-21. It is a fantastic story.

After worship on Sunday, we will have an old-fashioned Methodist Potluck in the Dining Room and Worship Center! We will gather to eat after the 11am Worship Service, around 12pm, and then have a short program with some special guests. There will also be some fun “show and tell” items around the Worship Center, so feel free to bring some items from the time you’ve been at Suntree UMC!

This Sunday will be an awesome Sunday at Suntree UMC! (Not that all Sundays aren’t awesome..this one is just special!) I hope to see you there!