e-letter 5/24/19

I don’t know about you, but I have so enjoyed our “Jesus Is…” sermon series! After Easter, it has been such a delightful and convicting reminder of the character of our God in Jesus. Jesus is not one dimensional — he is loving, fierce, powerful, and gentle. Our God chases after us, is the Lord of our lives, and also disturbs our peace, sending us out into the world.

This week, we talk about “Jesus is… The Sender of the Laborers.” We are those laborers! Jesus says in Matthew 9 that “the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.” How convicting! As Christians, we are not just invited to stay in our bubbles or in our comfortable lives, but to go out, to be a part of the Kingdom harvest that God is bringing about. That call can disturb our peace, but it is also an invitation into a full and abundant life. When we are sent, our lives have purpose, and we encounter the beauty of God’s presence in other places and other people.

The Cuba Mission team is a story of laborers sent into the harvest. When it was initiated in 2002 by Nat and Mary Lou Natto, the team consisted of just the two of them. Stirred with compassion by the conference’s initiatives in Cuba, Nat and Mary Lou began a journey and a partnership that so many of you are familiar with. Beginning with just one church, El Redentor, that needed a lot of structural help, the Cuba Mission has grown to three churches, countless missions, and many lives changed because of the faithfulness of those first laborers.

The work continues in Cuba. As many of you know, geopolitical events in Venezuela and Brazil have caused a food shortage in Cuba. Not only that, the food that they can have is now much more expensive than it was before this crisis. Our Cuban brothers and sisters rely upon their strong faith, but also need good food, clean water, and safe housing. Your support of the Cuba Mission Team’s partnership with our sister church allows for these things to become a reality for the communities they serve in. By giving to our special offering this Sunday, you will be a part of sending laborers into God’s abundant kingdom. You will also be a part of meeting the real, physical needs of our brothers and sisters in Christ. This is purposeful, important work.


Alongside our celebration of the testimonies from our Cuba Mission this Sunday, we will also celebrate other laborers. We will pray for our youth missionaries as they leave for their trips to Key West and the Panhandle. On Memorial Day, we will remember those in our armed forces who gave their lives for this country. 


In all these ways, we can see that God is sending us out to be bringers of peace, love, joy, and the Kingdom into the world. If you do not feel connected to this mission, I encourage you to get involved! Hear the testimonies this weekend and sign up to become a co-laborer for the Kingdom. The harvest is plentiful, and we are invited.

See you there,

Pastor Allee