e-letter 6/29/18

Phew! That’s the first word that comes to my mind right now!! We are in the middle of BMW (“Brevard Mission Week”) and it’s been awesome, but a bit tiring as well. We have a ton of kids here and they are working and serving and being the “Hands and Feet of Jesus” in our local community. They are also wearing us out! But it’s a good tired and a good feeling, and it’s exciting to see this young group doing so many cool things for the Kingdom (with enthusiasm).

Not only have the kids stepped up this week, but we’ve had a ton of parents and adults do the same. We are so grateful and thankful. We could not do the things we do without the help of the adults in our church AND without their love, encouragement and support. So thank you church for doing that for all of us! Oh, and also (Willie wanted me to add this) thank you SO MUCH for all of the cookies and brownies and goodies that were made and brought over for us. They were incredible (and we gave some to the kids!!). God bless Marie Faulkner and her team (and parents).

Ok, a couple of way cool things! First, we are welcoming our new Pastor, Allee Wilcox, to our church! She is going to be in the Traditional Services this week and in The Gathering the next. So give her a big hug or “high five” when you see her! Second, we are kicking off our series “Things We Wish Jesus Hadn’t Said.” This promises to be a very interesting and dare I say intriguing series! And third, we are in the process of putting together a “Church Hurricane Relief Plan” for church members who may need some help in the event that a hurricane hits (doubt it will happen this year!). So if you think you’ll need help (especially if you have no family around to assist), please feel free to give Joel or Jill a call so we can get the process started for you.

This is an exciting place and an exciting time and an exciting church. THANK you for all you do. Let’s keep it going and see what other way cool and exciting things God has planned for us!

See You Sunday,

Joel Lusz
Youth Pastor