Eat, Pray, Grow – FALL 2018

Journey takes place Wednesday nights.
Dinner is served 5:45-6:30pm in the Dining Room.
Reserve and pay for dinners by registering for meals each week.
Evening Prayer is 6:30-6:45pm in the Worship Center.
Classes meet from 6:45-8pm in various classrooms.
We have classes available for all ages from Nursery through Adult.

Fall Class Options Include:

Early Bird – Senior Adults – Room 104
Facilitators: Bob & Joni Van Kley
FREE, plus the cost of dinner.
Dinner at 5pm followed by a fellowship meeting
in the style of a small group where we share
joys, prayer concerns, and view a DVD on various
informational and inspirational topics. We dismiss
in time to join other Journey Classes.

Anatomy of Peace – Room 108
Facilitators: Andrew Garrett & Rev. Nate Quarcelino
Book: $12
In the book The Anatomy of Peace, the authors
remind us that we have two inner disposition
options or “ways of being” when we encounter
people. We can either have a heart at war or a heart
at peace. This simple yet profound understanding of
our way of being can be seen throughout the pages
and stories of the Bible. Join us for 8 weeks of book
study, laughter and the Bible.

Present Over Perfect – Room 106 (The Den)
Facilitator: Polly Pirlo
Book: $15
This 6-week Bible Study, with video, by Shauna
Niequist invites you to consider the landscape
of your own life, and what it might look like to
leave behind the pressure to be perfect and
begin the life-changing practice of simply being
present, in the middle of the mess and the
ordinariness of life.

Starting the Conversation – Room 101/102
Facilitator: Jill Kibler
We hope to always be healthy, independent and
able to make decisions for ourselves. But things
can change overnight. A diagnosis of a serious
illness or an accident could mean that we are no
longer able to speak for ourselves. By starting the
conversation early, we can make the necessary
plans to ensure that we address the implications
of these health challenges in all aspects of our
lives. Speakers with expertise in a specific area
will be featured each week. This class would also
greatly benefit those who are providing care for
a loved one (locally or from a distance). Some of
the topics will be difficult to address, but they are
important in recognizing the value of maintaining
quality of life and dignity in the last chapters of life.

Reading the Bible through the Eyes of Jesus – Dining Room
Facilitators: Dr. John Baggett & Pastor Allee Willcox
This class will explore how the scriptures can
help serious Christians grow in Discipleship when
they learn to read and interpret biblical scripture
through the lens of Jesus’ life and teachings. The
class will also serve as a brief survey of the Bible
and will explore frequently asked questions, such
as: How did the Bible come to be? Who wrote it?
When? Why? Why were some books included in
the Bible, and others excluded? How did Jesus
interpret the Scriptures?

Time: 6:15-8:15pm for drop-off and pick-up.
Location: Room 209 (Nursery)
Your child will engage in age appropriate storytelling, games, and
snacks in a fun, safe, and friendly environment.

ELEMENTARY (Kindergarten-5th Grade)
Time: 6:30-8pm (Doors open at 6:15pm)
Location: Room 320 (Suntree Kids)
Journey for Kids is a fun, interactive program on Wednesday nights
for children in Kindergarten-5th grade.