Journey Fall 2019


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About Fall Journey 2019

Journey is a Wednesday evening Discipleship program for people of all ages. We begin with dinner at 5:45pm, then have a short time of contemplative prayer, and then engage in one of the following classes. Questions? Email Pastor Allee at Journey for Kids, from 6:30pm-8:00pm, is for kids preschool through 5th grade who’s parents are participating in a Journey class. Preschool kids will meet in the Nursery, Elementary aged kids will meet in Room 320 (Suntree Kids) This semesters theme will be: Marvel—where kids will learn about one of God’s marvelous miracles from the Old and New Testaments. They will discover the powerful things God can do through them if they put their faith in Him. World Religions ($0)
Facilitators: Rev. Annette Stiles-Pendergrass & Rev. Dr. John Baggett
This class will examine the eastern religious traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism, and the western “Abrahamic” religions of Judaism, Islam and Christianity. The class will first seek to understand each faith by examining its beliefs found in key sacred writings, primary practices, and important spiritual heroes. In the process, we will show the convergences and differences of other religions with Christian faith. This class will include distinguished guest speakers from various faith communities. Taking Care: Inside & Out ($0)
Facilitator: Jill Kibler
Aging in the United States is changing dramatically. People are living longer with life expectancies nearly doubling during the 20th century. But are these longer lives healthier and fuller? This class will explore how to improve your health & wellness. Speakers with expertise in a specific area will be featured each week. Topics include healthy habits, stress management, brain health, navigating transitions, fall prevention, and spiritual wellness. This is a drop-in class – no book and no homework! Yes Lord, I Have Sinned ($12)
Facilitators: Tom & Nancy Short
Why do we try to justify anything and everything we want to do? We use words, scapegoats, blaming other people, circumstances, past events, even evil spirits (“the devil made me do it!”) to attempt to excuse bad choices we make with our own free will. James Moore addresses our excuses and the roots of sin in a humorous way. Through this book study, Tom and Nancy Short will help us think with grace about our sin and its origins. Revelation ($0)
Facilitators: Mike Mayes & Rev. Augie Allen
Have you ever wondered what the book of Revelation means? Has it scared or confused you? Rev. Augie Allen and Director of Worship Arts, Mike Mayes, wil team-teach a class that will help you dive into the truths of Revelation in an approachable and exciting way. Oasis at Journey: First15 ($0)
Facilitator: Polly Pirlo
This class will help you develop a vibrant relationship with Jesus through personal devotional time. Using the First15 study material, we will spend time on our own using the daily devotionals and then use our class time to share our insights and experiences of building this habit. First15 is available on your smartphone, email, or podcast, and is totally FREE! The class will help you sign up on the first night. Early Bird: Simon Peter by Adam Hamilton ($15)
Facilitator: Rev. Margaret Johnson-Ghiz
Simon Peter was not educated, rich, or perfect, but he did try to be faithful. He followed Jesus and was rewarded as the rock of the church even amidst his doubt. In this early-bird study, beginning at 4:45pm, we will explore the character of Peter and learn how to be faithful amidst our imperfections, too.