Ask for Help?

There are a number of resources to both the community and to church members.  Some support groups are affiliated with the church while others simply use church facilities.

Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon, Narcotics Anonymous

Meeting dates and times appear on our church calendar.  These are outside groups that use our church facility.  They are comprised of men, women, even teens, who come together in fellowship to share their experience, strength, and hope with one another as they seek ways of dealing with the disease of alcoholism and drug abuse.

AA    Al-Anon    NA

Financial Assistance

Because the church is limited in the types of services it can offer, financial assistance is made through the local chapter of Salvation Army.  For more information, contact the Congregational Care office.

Congregational Care Ministries

Funerals, Memorial Services, Receptions

For help making funeral arrangements, call our Congregational Care office at 321-255-7378. A volunteer team is available to help with a small luncheon reception afterward for family and friends of the deceased members of the church.


The Congregational Care office maintains a notebook for all types of referrals.  From cancer support groups located in the Melbourne area to Christian based counselors, consider contacting the office to learn about resources available in our local community.


Volunteers within the church are willing to make an occasional trip to doctor appointments or trips to the grocery store with members in need.  To make arrangements, contact the Congregational Care office.  Transportation, however, is limited to the Melbourne area only.

Prayer Chain

This is a confidential ministry consisting of a group of “prayer warriors” who pray for those who request prayer.  This is for members as well as non-members.  Prayer requests can be emailed to Congregational Care or called in to 321-255-7378.

Prayer/Dedication Requests in the Bulletin

To add a name for prayer or dedication, call Congregational Care at 321-255-7378.  NOTE:  we cannot print a person’s name without his, her, or a family member’s permission.

Flowers & Visitations

Volunteers rearrange our Sunday morning flowers into a number of arrangements.  Other volunteers bring the flowers on visits to shut-ins and nursing home residents.  To ask for a visit, contact Congregational Care at 255-7378.

Hospital Visit

Contact the Congregational Care office (255-7378) with the name of the individual, the hospital, and the room number.  Hospitals no longer notify the church when a member is admitted.  You do not have to be a church member to make this request.


Call the Congregational Care office at 321-255-7378 to make arrangements.

Pastoral Care

Church pastors respond to members of our congregation through listening, support, encouragement, prayer, and faith development.  To meet with our pastoral care minister, contact Congregational Care at 321-255-7378.

Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry is an interdenominational lay, care-giving program that is active at Suntree United Methodist Church.  Each Stephen Minister attends a six-month training program and makes a two-year commitment to serve.  They are available for prayer, listening, and hospital visits.  Other difficult life needs and circumstances they can assist with: grieving, home bound, those facing life transitions, the separated or divorced, or those with a spiritual crisis.  To request assistance from the distinctively Christian care giving provided by a Stephen Minister, contact the Congregational Care office at 321-255-7378.

Food Pantry

Funded by the church’s Missions Ministry, the Congregational Care office maintains and disburses food to needy church members and needy persons in the community.  Limited at best, the pantry can supply a few days worth of nutritional sustenance.  For more information, call the office at 255-7378.

To Meet with a Senior Pastor

Call the church office at 321-242-2585 and ask for the pastor’s administrative assistant to make an appointment.