Schedule A Wedding?

Even the simplest wedding requires preparation, so it is important that you set a date as early as possible with the church.  (A three to four month minimum for scheduling the date is requested.)  Once you have decided on your wedding date, call the church office to speak with someone in the Congregational Care office to see if the Sanctuary is available.  If it is, a $175.00 deposit is required to reserve the wedding and rehearsal dates.


Suntree United Methodist Church charges a one-time, all-inclusive fee to cover expenses.  The fees are $575.00 for church members and $800.00 for non-members.  This cost includes: the minister, wedding coordinator, organist, and a sound/light technician.  The additional fee for non-members is for use of the facility.  The deposit is subtracted from your total fee and is also refundable.  Once the deposit is received your information is forwarded to staff members involved in the wedding.  They will then contact you.


It is expected that one of the church’s ministers will officiate at the wedding.  If you desire the presence of another minister, that person will assist in the ceremony at the discretion of the officiating minister.  At the time of placing the request for your wedding date, you may place a special request for one of our ministers or one will be appointed to you.

In order to be married at the church, our ministers require pre-marital counseling with the pastor who will officiate at your ceremony.  This consists of either a one-day Marriage Seminar (required by our co-senior pastors and offered two times a year), or a one-on-one counseling session with the couple and one of our other pastors.  For more information on either of these, contact our Congregational Care office or call at 321-242-2585 ext. 1131.